5 Useful Resources from W3School


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5 Useful Resources from W3School

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I will be sharing with you resources I find helpful in my web development day-to-day activities, these web-based tools are provided by none other than the legendary w3schools and without wasting any of our time, let's explore the first resource on the list already.

1. Browser Statistics

There are a variety of web browsers out there that are used by web users and as a web developer, you need to understand and identify what browser your audience uses the most and also an idea on the browser usage statistics.

Check it out the browser usage statistics from 2002

frame_generic_dark (1).png

2. Color Pickers

With the color picker on W3schools, you get to play with the color Lightness, Brightness, Hue, Saturation and come up with your own color scheme.

Check it out

frame_generic_dark (2).png

3. Color Converter

The color converter allows you to convert a color to any format such as RGB, HUE, HSL, or name.

Check it out

frame_generic_dark (3).png

4. Windows/Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

This page contains over 200+ keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac operating systems, these shortcuts are organized into categories.

Check it out

frame_generic_dark (4).png

5. Spaces

Need a platform to write your code online and host it easily without long processes? you should check out the W3schools spaces today.

Check it out

frame_generic_dark (5).png


I hope you find these resources useful, you can also checkout how to host your website on the W3Shools spaces HERE.

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