Urgent 2k for JavaScript Developers

Solve this challenge and win 2k

Urgent 2k for JavaScript Developers

Hello thereπŸ‘‹, you're welcome.

If you're a JavaScript developer and you can receive naira, a friend of mine Isaac Adeshewa Faith , has asked me to give you #1, 500, and I'll add another #500 to make it #2, 000.

But! In giveaways, there is always a but πŸ˜‚, you must complete the JavaScript challenge in the story below.

β›΅ The Story

2, 000 students are expected to submit their assignment using a Google Form, but only 1, 858 responses were received from the Google Form.

βš’ The Task

As a JavaScript developer, you are required to write a JavaScript program that will do the following:

  1. Fetch out all the students who did not submit their assignments,
  2. Display the total number of students who turned in their assignments, and
  3. Show the total number of students who did not turn in their assignments.

Email of all students: Click here to view

Email of all students who turned in their assignment: Click here to view

πŸ“š Submission

Share your solution in the comment section with a brief account of your thought/coding process; your code variables and summary must be clear to a 5-year-old child who is unfamiliar with coding (I mean my friend).

Create a Github gist here for your code and share the link along with your summary.

πŸ† The Reward

#2, 000 will be sent to you via bank transfer or Nigeria recharge card.

😒 I can't participate

If you are not in Nigeria or not able to participate, you can also engage in the challenge by upvoting the solution you feel is the best.

PS: you can submit your solution, and if picked as the winner, you can nominate anyone from Nigeria to receive the prize πŸ’ƒ.

PSS: If you wish to add to the prize for the winner of this challenge, kindly send a dm on LinkedIn, join us to reward developers.

⏳ Deadline

The Winner will be announced with the solution in the next 24 hours, the deadline will be extended for another 24 hours if no winner is found.

Looking forward to what you will come up with.

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