INTRODUCING: Open Source Project for everyone as long as your country has a president.

INTRODUCING: Open Source Project for everyone as long as your country has a president.

Hello there πŸ‘‹,

Open source is a culture in the technology industry where developers come together to contribute and build a product in the general public, and over the years many products have been birthed from this event.

Open Source is Problem Solving


Generally, open-source is the act of solving real-world problems from building extensions and packages that makes product development faster to building a website that provides useful information to the general public all for free.

Another good thing about open source is that experts get to contribute to your product idea given that it is solving a real-world problem that affects them or not.

The Gap


Hundreds of people transit into learning how to code every year but they are always not ready when it comes to the open-source section of engineering.

They are either scared of bringing bugs to projects which can scatter the whole project because of their little or lack of experience with Git version control.

Finding Projects to Learn With

If your contribution is a mess, the maintainer won't merge it!


But which project will beginners learn with? Almost every beginner finds it difficult to find a project designed for their skill levels.

It is sometimes difficult for learners to find open source projects which are built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as they are the 3 core languages of the web to learn first, while most projects are been developed with advanced language frameworks like React.js, Node.js and even Bootstrap.

This discourages most beginners from contributing to open source projects.

Introducing Your Country's Open Source project


Make as many mistakes as you want and say sorry later by improving.

The country president is an open-source project to help beginners have a project which they can relate to and also capable of contributing to.

The idea for this project was born on October 1, 2021, the 61st anniversary of Nigeria's independence.

The first prototype of this open-source contains the information of people (presidents) who have ruled Nigeria from 1960 till date.

Example: ⭐Nigeria presidents from 1960 till date⭐

This is the prototype of how the project will look like for each country, and the first to be completed, Nigeria has been ruled by 16 presidents and all have been contributed to the Nigeria president project.


There are 102 closed pull requests and 3 issues awaiting a fix on the Nigeria Version.


Now, it's your Country's Turn.


I have created a repository here where you can contribute your country's president profiles and design the project the way it fits your country (Nigeria color is green white green).

How does it work? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


All you have to do is head to, select your country or create it if not found(use the start kit template), look for a president profile that interests you which has not been contributed, then add it to your country's project, you can also contribute to other countries.

If your country project (folder) has not been created, I have provided this starter kit template that you can use to get started with your country's project.

The following are samples of president data that you can contribute.

  1. Name
  2. Portrait
  3. Bio
  4. Start year
  5. End year
  6. Death status
  7. and other information that will be interesting to know about

Check out the readme file of the project here, it contains more information about the project.

What can you contribute? ☹

  1. New president profile
  2. Update missing information
  3. Update president images to more recent ones
  4. Suggest new layout (Nigeria format by default)
  5. Improve sorting method(JavaScript)
  6. Update Readme file πŸ™
  7. Create Issues concerning bugs and incorrect informations
  8. Don't forget to share with your network πŸ™
  9. and many more to improve the project of your country.
    1. Let's get started πŸ’ƒ

      Now, that you know much about the project idea, you can head straight to this GitHub Repository and look for a country to contribute to.

      We are looking for maintainers πŸ˜€

      Currently looking for maintainers to oversee the pull requests for each of the country's projects, preferably a citizen of the country or someone who knows the presidential history of the country.

      The maintainer will be responsible for validating the information of the president of his/her country before merging the pull requests from the contributors, you can opt-in as a maintainer by raising an issue here.


      Read about who can contribute to open source and how to do it.

      Link πŸ”—: Check it out


      And that will be all from me and if you have any questions or information, you can reach out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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