INTRODUCING Fidia: Easy way to get support and make a living from your creativity.

INTRODUCING Fidia: Easy way to get support and make a living from your creativity.

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We all love getting paid for our skills, we call it coffee, but it is sometimes difficult for creators to receive the support they need outside some countries in Africa such as Nigeria due to some policies.

Are you a talented content creator, technical writer, freelancer, or someone that provides values who:

  • Needs an easy way to get paid for their gigs from anywhere in the world,
  • Needs more than one dedicated payment link for their business,
  • Needs a membership plan for their audience,
  • Needs to showcase their project and get paid directly into their bank account.

Then you should stick to the end of this introductory article of Fidia.

What is Fidia?

Fidia is a Swahili word that means compensation or payment

Getfidia is an online payment platform that enables creators in Africa to receive payments, sell digital products and accept membership subscriptions from their audience.

Fidia allows professionals across Africa to create an online presence for themselves where they can share their creations, connect to potential clients and get support or tips from their fans or clients.


Welcome to a new dispensation with Getfidia ๐Ÿ˜€


A registered creator on GetFidia will be open to the following features for free:

  1. A portfolio to showcase their work,
  2. A comprehensive payment analytics & insights dashboard,
  3. Option to connect with other creators,
  4. Multiple payments link to get support and payments,
  5. Job offers from recruiters.

Getting Started with Fidia

In this section, I will work you through how to set up your personal or business Fidia account and start receiving payments and support from your audience through GetFidia with few clicks.

1. Visit

frame_generic_dark (1).png

2. Click on the sign up for free button

Fill in your personal information as shown below and ensure that your first and last name matches your bank record as it will be used for confirmation while linking your bank information.


3. Confirm your email address

A confirmation link will be sent to your registered email address after signup, click the link to confirm your email address.

frame_generic_dark (2).png

4. You are In ๐Ÿ˜€

You can now log in to your GetFidia account dashboard.

frame_generic_dark (3).png

4. Fidia Dashboard

You will be redirected to your Getfidia dashboard after a successful login, where you can complete your account registration by providing your basic information such as username and bio and your settlement bank details, which is where your money will be deposited anytime someone pays you.

frame_generic_dark (4).png

5. Update your basic information

Your basic information includes your username and a short bio of yourself, you can always update more of your information in the profile settings from your dashboard, click on the continue button to update your basic information.

frame_generic_dark (5).png

Your settlement account is where you want the Fidia application to send your money to after someone has paid you through any of your payment links.

Ensure to confirm your account information properly as this is very sensitive.

select bank.png

Confirm that the account name displayed matches yours before clicking on Link Bank Account.

back details fetched.png

If all goes well, then you're ready to create your personal or business payment links on GetFidia ๐Ÿ‘.

frame_generic_dark (6).png

Creating your payment link on Fidia

In this section, I will guide you on how to create your personal or business payment links and start receiving money from your audience.

1. Click on the Payment Links menu on your dashboard sidebar, then proceed to click the + New Link button to create a new payment link.

frame_generic_dark (8).png

2. Proceed to fill in the New Payment Link form as displayed below and click on the create button when you're done.

frame_generic_dark (7).png

3. If all goes well, your payment link will be generated and ready to receive payment.

frame_generic_dark (9).png

4. Share your payment link.

Now your payment link is ready, share it with your clients or audience to receive payments, you can check out my blog payment link here

frame_generic_dark (10).png


A few hours after publishing the introductory article, I got my first payment through my Fidia payment link here.

frame_generic_dark (2).png

5. Track your payment link statistics.

You can manage and keep track of each of your payment links statistics by visiting the payment links section on your dashboard, you will be able to see how many people have visited your payment page and how many times you have been paid.

frame_generic_dark (12).png

Customizing profile page on Fidia

Every registered creator on Fidia has a unique profile page, which can be visited by appending their username, to the Fidia URL[your-username] which looks something like below.

frame_generic_dark (11).png

In this section, I will show you how to customize your Fidia profile page, to make it more eye-catching.

Let's get started ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Click my profile on your dashboard

frame_generic_dark (14).png

2. Fill in your profile details and click save

You can also change your Fidia username from here.

frame_generic_dark (15).png

3. Add your professional and social media accounts.

Click on save when you are done ๐Ÿ‘.

frame_generic_dark (16).png

4. Visit your Fidia profile page.

You're done, visit your profile page using this format[your-username] or by clicking the view my profile link.

My profile page looks like this on

frame_generic_dark (17).png

Adding Projects to your Fidia Account

In this section, you will learn how to add projects to your Fidia account which will be displayed on your profile page for your audience and potential clients to see.

1. Click the projects tab on your profile page

frame_generic_dark (19).png

2. Click on the add project button and fill in your project details.

There is an option to add a youtube demo video of your project, I am adding my developer typing game demo from youtube.

frame_generic_dark (20).png

Hit Publish when you're done.

Your new project will be added, and you can also see how many times people have viewed it.

frame_generic_dark (21).png

3. View your profile ๐Ÿ˜€

Refresh or click on the View my profile link to see your Fidia updated profile.

You can repeat the steps above to add more projects to your Fidia account.

frame_generic_dark (22).png

Fidia Creator Analytics

You can view where your fans or visitors are viewing your Fidia page from, by visiting your page analytics, you get to see their country and view counts.

frame_generic_dark (23).png


Fidia team is very intentional about what they do, to ensure that creators in Africa get the support they need for their business and skills, I believe that Fidia, will help most creators to get the right support from their fans and clients, and with this introductory article, you should be able to get started seamlessly.

I also hope hashnode will give this payment option a trial for rewarding writers from Africa ๐Ÿ˜€

If you would like to support me, you can do just that using my Fidia payment link ๐Ÿ˜€: Support my blog

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