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Hey, 👋 it's my Birthday today, let me walk you through my Birthday Portfolio Gift.

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo
·May 24, 2021·

5 min read

Hey, 👋 it's my Birthday today, let me walk you through my Birthday Portfolio Gift.

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Hello 🙋‍♂️, my gorgeous friends on the internet, I'm Uncle-BigBay and today is my birthday

a guy dancing at a birthday party lol.gif

And I am shy 😂

Even though I have been sick for some days and could not post new articles, I ensured I gift myself a new portfolio on this special day, which I really can't wait to show you guys 🤭.

If you follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or we're friends on Whatsapp or colleague on Hashnode you would have probably noticed that I now have the same image on all of my social media accounts 💃.


IMO The best present I could gift to myself is to take the very first step into working on my personal brand, working more on what I really wanted to be known for, I have learned from my previous age that; your personal brand is a unique combination of skills and experiences that you have, and that is what makes you who you are, which is important, so you have to treat it like a real deal, everyone is a business (huge one), the outcome just depends on how we all take it.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, so I am beginning mine from this new age and I am so happy about it.

Without any further ado, let's get started before the cake's candle burns down.

Technology Used

  1. HTML (of course)
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Version Control
  5. Github API (you will soon find out why 😉)

The link to the portfolio is down 👇 in the article, in case you want to check along as we proceed.

User InterFace

1.The Landing Page

I wanted the landing page to be as straightforward as possible, just to show the client or recruiter the skills I have acquired and what I have done, and what I am capable of doing while working with them, and most importantly the brand name at the top 😎.


2.The Project Section

image.png This is my favorite section 😍, I kept coming back to brush it up every now and then because it is definitely where the recruiter or clients will want to see after landing on the website, this section tells them more about what I have been doing with my time, which might affect their business either positively or negatively when I eventually started working with them, so I spent time checking the projects I am including in this section and it really gives me Joy because it reminds me of the stress and fun in coming up with solutions back then.

I used the Github API to render some of the projects from my repository, while some were hardcoded.

3.The Certification Section


This section displays all my technical-related awards and certificates from my engagements, I am thinking of replacing this section with a Testimonial but I don't have much, or what do you think 🤔?

If you're willing to write me a testimonial, you can reach out to me on Twitter, I will really appreciate it 🙏.

4.The About Section


This is where a recruiter or client can get to know more about me as a Software Developer and can click on the Read more button for more information about my current project that I am most proud of.

5.The Contact Me Section

Thanks to Netlify's built-in form function, I do not need to write any script to receive messages from my portfolio, all messages are delivered directly on the Netlify dashboard, I will just go and check.


So feel free to send me Birthday messages through the contact form, because it's free also (kidding) 😂

The last NavLink leads to my Hashnode portfolio, and since you're here already, I think it's a good time to go visit the portfolio and other social media accounts together right?

But before then, let's see what the Lighthouse has to say about the new portfolio below 👇

6.The Light House Report

fouth SEO report on the portfolio.png

This is actually the first time, I am taking time to study what the lighthouse report is all about in-depth, and to my sweetest surprise, I got this score at my very first scan except for the SEO which was 80% at first and 100% at the fourth test but the other three remains at the same point, I am not giving up on those yet, but I am happy it's a progress 😁.

What I didn't get to do

  • Couldn't purchase a custom domain for my blog and portfolio, but very soon we will have it 👋.

Now that you're here you can help and decide on which domain will be nicer 😉 for my new personal brand adventure.

  1. unclebigbay.com (owned)
  2. unclebigbay.tech
  3. unclebigbay.dev (owned)
  4. unclebigbay.hashnode.dev and unclebigbay.netlify.app


I hope you found this article helpful, and it might have probably reminded you about your own personal brand, you can give it a shot also.

If you found this helpful and probably learned one or two things, I would like to connect, I am on Twitter.

Thanks for coming to celebrate my birthday with me, my birthday cake is coming soon, see you in the next article series with my birthday gift

I wrote an article on personal branding: Tips on Personal branding

Portfolio: unclebigbay.dev

Repository: github.com/unclebay143/2021-birthday-portfo..

More: Click to view all my social media acounts

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