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3 Affordable Alternatives to Nepa Electricity in Nigeria for Developers

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo
Β·Jul 22, 2021Β·

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3 Affordable Alternatives to Nepa Electricity in Nigeria for Developers

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Hello, my gorgeous friends on the internet πŸ‘‹,

Do you know working as a developer in Nigeria can be frustrating at times, and the reason for that is the poor electricity in the country and likewise the high cost of fuel for those who can afford I pass my neighbor generator is nothing to write home about?

you will definitely know you're in Nigeria when you start seeing a lot of I pass my neighbor generator on the streets

I pass my neighbor generator πŸ‘‡


Did you also know that most developers in Nigeria still struggle to get their first paying developer job, which makes it more difficult to make ends meet when it comes to fueling their light generators and purchasing internet subscriptions to keep learning and building?

What is a developer without electricity to power their laptop?

We need to overcome our own limitations as a developer before we can help others to solve their problems.

Below are alternatives to Nepa electricity in Nigeria for developers who are also in my shoes.

These alternatives are affordable, durable, and help to say bye-bye to unproductive days.

Before Nepa takes light, let's get started 😁


This compilation was inspired by Kayode, Kolade Christopher article

1. Lumos

Nickname: Yellow box

Official Page: www.lumos.com.ng


The first alternative on the list today is Lumos, a high-quality solar home system, which uses energy from the sun and it is 70% cheaper than the cost of running a single I pass my neighbor generator. It runs on a monthly subscription, and you will become a full owner with zero subscription after 48 continuous monthly installments.

The smallest gadget can be acquired for #28, 000 ($68. 00) including installation fee and first-month installment.

You can check their subscription plans Here

2. Qasa

Purchase Page: Jumia

Current price: ₦ 16,499 ($40.07) to # 21, 000 ($51.00).


Qasa portable power supply will likewise help to charge your PC and other gadgets including your electric fan for up to 7 hours, it is a one-time purchase and it is subscription-free.

It also has provision for an external 12v battery connection from 7Ah to 9Ah capacity and its power input: is 15W.

Qasa Solar power can be acquired within the range of ₦ 16,499 ($40.07) to # 21, 000 ($51.00).

3. Mercury Maverick 650va UPS

Purchase page: Konga

Current price: ₦13,700 ($33.27)


Mercury Maverick is an uninterrupted power supply device that provides battery backup when the electrical power fails as usual or drops to an unacceptable voltage level.

It can be acquired for ₦13,700 ($33.27) currently on Konga.

I hope this list will help developers in Nigeria to be aware of the available solutions to the poor electricity in Nigeria, you can start saving up to acquire any of them, to help become more productive whenever there are light issues.

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