10 Reasons you should ask questions.

10 Reasons you should ask questions.

You won't be sacked for asking another developer for a solution.

Asking questions sometimes can be difficult for some people, especially the shy types and some introverts, but asking questions will save you a lot of time and resources when it is been asked on time.

In this article, I will be sharing the benefits and reasons for asking questions πŸ”Š



But before we get started let's look into a few why people do not ask questions πŸ‘‡

  1. Because of imposter syndrome

  2. Because they are Shy

  3. Fear of not getting an answer

Now let's dive into more reasons you should ask that question πŸ€‘

1. Nobody will ask you where you got the solution from.

Your boss or client will not actually ask you where you got the solution to the bug you just solved from, or neither will they ask you from who you learned it, and if they do, they will not sack you for it, trust me. 😎

2. It doesn't make you less of a developer.

I got a call some days back from my JavaScript instructor at TIIDELab and he asked me how I was able to set up my teams' final project back then on Vercel at Bootcamp, and I told him what to do.

He is still my instructor till today.

When you asked a question from someone, it is rare they will look down on you, and if they do, it doesn't cut your skill πŸ˜‰. Think about it

3. It makes your work faster (Time Saver).

Asking questions quickly, helps you get on the next tasks on time which actually helps you meet that deadline, I always reach out to ask a question about a bug after 30 minutes of looking for the solution on my own, I ensure I gathered enough information about the bug from Google, StackOverflow and other Sources in order to have a piece of in-depth information about what I want to achieve, and to be able to tell who I want to ask a question what I have tried and what I think might be causing the bug.

A friend once asked me about a bug I solved a few minutes ago, I might be lucky as well somedays🀩

4. It helps your communication skills.

Asking the right questions from other people will help you understand how to present issues concerning bugs to different developers, which is a boost to your communication skills and will likewise make you understand people better πŸ˜›.

5. It makes you learn more.

When you ask a few questions about a problem, there are chances that you will get a better solution from the discussion which you have never considered, which will, in turn, make you learn new approaches and methods.

6. You are building your network.

When you keep asking the right question from people, you are building a relationship with them (Directly or Indirectly), because they are also directly learning from you too, each solution they help you provide will also validate their own idea about the problem.

When someone becomes comfortable answering your questions when you ask, and you as well is free sharing bugs and solutions (which is a value to them), it will, in turn, create a new question and answer relationship between you two 😁.

You two will become a goto for one another.

7. It is the right thing to do after Google.

Don't ask people every question, do your research first, and when you figure out that you're still not getting close to the solution, then asking is the next right thing to do as a developer or non-tech person seeking knowledge.

8. You remember things.

There is a high tendency that you will easily remember how someone helped you to solve a particular problem when you encounter it again, you can as well go through your previous chats to check where they answered your question either with a text or a link to a doc.

I do this a lot 🀠

9. It prevents burnout.

Keeping your mental health intact is what every developer does, in other to be more productive, asking solutions from people on time will prevent you from getting burnout by bugs that take forever to be solved on your own.

10. It makes you feel better.

Overall, getting the right answers to our questions gives us butterflies in our tummy 🀭 (true or false) as a developer, because we love to see things work, which will, in turn, make you have a happy day at work and with your families.


I hope you found this helpful and you should not have a second thought when next you feel like asking that question, there are great developers ready to answer our questions anytime, all you have to do is ask.


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Thanks a lot and see you in the next one.

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